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Maritime Mobile Antennas for 4G / 3G

sputnik24® extends the range of mobile Internet connectivity to a new dimension with its brand new ultra small antenna for 4G / 3G Internet access.

Land mobile and maritime customers get the unique option to use their own SIM with no extra costs. The antenna system provides diversity function for getting better connectivity and higher speed via LTE networks. The antennas are optimized for long range access and will provide excellent connectivity being off shore.

Affordable high speed Internet is now available for land mobile users and coastal shipping by a professional, rock solid, small, light weight antenna and full usability by a one cable solution. This antenna offers up to 150 Mbit/s download and up to 50 Mbit/s upload speed (upon availability). It can be used for SUVs, sailing boats, yachts, commercials boats and vessels.



- Easy Internet access, own SIM option, SIM change possible
- Easy to install
- Simple single wire installation using just one standard coaxial cable
  with F-Connectors, no extra cable
- UV stable radome
- Sea weather and desert proof
- Light weight diversity antenna
- Special design, optimized for long range access
- High Gain of the antenna elements
- Low power consumption
- Overvoltage/surge protection
- Automatic handover from LTE to 3G to 2G upon availability
- Top speed up to 150MBit/s download and up to 50 MBit/s upload
  (upon availability and network operator)
- Professional product in high German quality


Technical details
Antenna dimensions: 245 x 270 mm
Antenna weight: 2,0 kg

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Antenna Specification





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